System requirements Stray

OS: Windows 10
Gamepad Support: Full




There are not so many computer games in which users have to control animals. However, there are such projects, and developers are making efforts to release them. Now we want to introduce you to the story of Stray, dedicated to the cat, who is forced to live in a cyberpunk world. These open spaces have long been inhabited by robots and people involuntarily participating in a strange ritual. When this ritual is completed, unpredictable scary events are possible.

More about the game

The hero has to find his way home. During this amazing adventure, he will become the owner of an ancient artifact, strangely pulsating, and having a close connection with the events around. Now the cat has to complete many tasks to answer questions, and do everything so that this ritual is interrupted and completed.

Cyberpunk style surroundings

This computer game has a number of differences, and one of them is the presence of an ideal cyberpunk world. As you progress in the game, the atmosphere of cyberpunk will be felt constantly and each time only intensified. In these worlds there is a special energy that many gamers like, and brings them pleasure and enjoyment. In order to quickly start the game, and appreciate all its features and advantages, you will need to download Stray via torrent to PC for free. Players need to control the cat, which is all the surrounding space differently. Get ready for the fact that you will have to go through a period of adaptation, and achieve good results in this exciting adventure.

An abundance of puzzles

Recall that the main character in the game is a cat. The developers improved his intelligence and added to the character the ability to think logically and ponder all actions and steps. The task of the players is to help the cat in solving various problems, and lead the hero to a good result. A huge number of puzzles involves solving problems in physics, searching for useful objects, as well as tracking other users.

Yes, you will have to follow it too, because sometimes without this finding the right solution is simply not possible, which means that further travel may also be in jeopardy. Therefore, we recommend that you do not delay and right now download the Stray torrent to your PC, and proceed with the active passage and study of all the features of this game project.

Game features

Most likely, you did not even imagine that the cat could become successful, because it has only four legs and a tail. But a simple, curious character is able to truly surprise you, and give a lot of positive emotions. Engage in the study of cyberpunk environments, look for answers to these questions, and remember that the fate of everything that happens in the environment depends on you.

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