Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin


System requirements Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Operating system: Windows® 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4590
Video Card: NVIDIA® Geforce® GTX 960 or higher with 2048 MB of memory

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

This is an RPG with slasher and hardcore elements. You have to go to the kingdom of Cornelia, which has been mired in darkness for a long time. The protagonist is forced to rush into battles and try to do everything to save this world. He will have to actively fight with a variety of monsters and upgrade his skills to repel a variety of enemies. But first you have to download the STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN torrent on your PC to start actively exploring and trying to find ways for self-realization. There is a lot to fight and not every time you will have the opportunity to achieve victory in the usual way.

The power of crystals

The main goal is to shed the light of crystals in this world and try to restore the universe. At the same time, if an ordinary person falls under the light of crystals, he will receive incredible abilities, which, in fact, the main character craves. True, his greed gradually develops into great responsibility, and he begins to use this power for good. After all, apart from him, no one can cope with huge enemies, strong demons and even dragons. It remains only to use all your abilities correctly and try to achieve a favorable result.


A long adventure awaits you, which will make you carefully study all the features of your adventure. Do not be too hasty with your decisions and try to achieve a favorable result. We want to invite you to use a variety of weapons, feel free to use the power of crystals and gradually become the chosen one. To get started, of course, you will need to download the game via torrent for free and after that you can hit the road.

Game features

High level of difficulty in fighting monsters.
Large selection of weapons arsenal.
Dynamic battles with the use of tactics.
Extremely high power from crystals.
Crafted storytelling.

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