Stormworks Build and Rescue

System requirements Stormworks Build and Rescue:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5 4th Generation
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video Card: Geforce 650M / Geforce 550
Disk space: 4 GB



Stormworks Build and Rescue

Avid gamers know that Sunfire Software has never released mediocre and boring games. All her creations are bright, interesting and unusual projects that are remembered for many years and Stormworks Build and Rescue, which can be downloaded from the torrent on our website, is not an exception to the rule. In this game you will find a world that is full of dangers and a variety of natural disasters. Your task in the game is not to rescue people, but to help real rescuers, inventing various rescue equipment capable of flying and quickly moving to the crash site.

In the game Stormworks Build and Rescue you will have to stay in the role of the designer of rescue equipment and develop various models of airplanes, helicopters, convertoplanes and other aircraft. Initially, of course, you will have a small selection of components, so you should not take on complex projects – better make a simple but reliable aircraft, which will be able to perform the task. Thus, you will prove that you are able to work in this direction and the range of available components will constantly increase with new orders.

But there is no need to be self-assured – the aircraft industry is quite a serious and complex area and when developing aircraft it is necessary to take into account many different parameters, ranging from aerodynamic drag and ending with the arrangement of power units. The main thing is to understand the basic physical laws. If you ignore them, your invention will not spend a minute in the air, let alone save people. In short, Stormworks Build and Rescue is not just a simulator of rescue equipment. It is, in fact, a designer, in which you will manufacture this technique yourself, and manufacture it for yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to make it as reliable and efficient as possible – you should fly on it.



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