Storm Area 51 September 20th 2019

System requirements Storm Area 51 September 20th 2019:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Dual-Core 1.6ghz or better
Video Card: 5xx series Nvidia / 5xxx series AMD card
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3.5 GB


Storm Area 51 September 20th 2019

Probably, there will be no news for anyone that the Americans decided to carry out an attack on Zone 51. And if they find something new there, it will immediately be published in front of the whole world. Of course, there is a possibility that this news was a joke, however, the public reaction has already risen and rolled across the country. And now almost everyone wants to somehow engage this topic and stretch it as long as possible. Therefore, the creators of the games also decided to keep up with everyone else and set about developing new game projects. One of these projects was Storm Area 51 September 20th 2019, which you can download torrent on our game portal. Your task, as could already be assumed, will be to storm the military territory. According to the information there is information about contacts with alien civilizations.

Chaos on the screen

You will play the role of one of the soldiers who storm this territory. During the game you have to fight with various opponents. These may be ordinary soldiers, but also representatives of extraterrestrial origin will also meet. After all, during your assault, aliens got the opportunity to go free. In the arsenal you will have enough weapons, you can also use different objects that fall under the arm. However, the outcome of the battle is difficult to foresee, so be extremely careful and careful. Everything may not go according to plan, and you must survive.

As always, in such battles there is complete chaos and confusion. However, there will be those near you who will help you do everything necessary to achieve the goal. You need to capture more territories. Of course, your opponent is better armed, but this will help to become his weakness. But the numerical advantage is on your side and this trump card should be used to the maximum. Therefore, soon begin your adventure, you need to finish all this and open the world to the truth about alien creatures. Download games absolutely free on our site.

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