System requirements Stonefly:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Quad-core, 2.5 GHz or faster
Video card: GTX 580 / Radeon 6970 HD, DirectX: 11
Disk space: 5 GB



Stonefly is a unique quest and action adventure based on skillful bug-finding, allowing players to harness high winds and soar over wild horizons.

A little about the plot

The plot tells how one simple-minded and young inventor named – Annika Stonefly, must return the lost heritage of her family, based only on her strategic thinking and ingenuity. The heroine’s family owns a repair shop and creates robots. But one night, someone stole her beloved robot, her father. Annika had to chase a thief, and eventually discovered a great discovery – a fantastic world that inspires her to incredible inventions that can help her overcome various obstacles on her journey. If you are interested in the plot, we advise you to download Stonefly torrent for free.

Welcome to the wonderful world!

Players will visit an unforgettable world of living creatures and plants, with hungry beetles and unique characters and adventures. You will learn an interesting story about family, role in heritage and feelings of unity. In this special world, tiny people will move through the air, on robots, which consist of legs, a body and an antenna. The main character is well versed in how robots work and improves them. Also, Annika will come up with new ways to use the wind, looking for inspirational jewelry. We invite you to take part in this incredible quest and download Stonefly torrent for free.

Key features

The ability to create new skills for your robot.
Fight with different types of beetles, extraction of minerals.
You can glide between swamps, treetops and awe-inspiring landscapes.
Unique graphics with painted details.
Possibility of forging relationships with the heroes from the Acorn Corps, the surviving Mech pilots.

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