Stirring Abyss

System requirements Stirring Abyss:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2 GHz
Video card: OpenGL 4.5-compatible, 512 MB, DirectX: 9.0c
Disk space: 1 GB


Stirring Abyss

If you thought that adventures could not offer something original and interesting for a long time, then we invite you to pay attention to the completely new journey of Stirring Abyss, which will allow you to explore the underwater world. The story of the game tells how one American submarine team lost all hope of salvation and began to sink. Communication is lost, but people survived, while they sank in the ruins of some ancient civilization. Now, in order to survive, they have to look for ways to escape, collect resources and even fight dangerous creatures that have long been in hibernation, and a sunken submarine awakened them.

More about the game

The submarine itself, which is badly damaged, will become your main base. Therefore, the first step is to carefully examine it and try to actively repair all the holes. This will require a large amount of resources, which are sufficient outside in the ruins. Therefore, it is worth preparing the crew members to enter the underwater world in special suits and try to explore every dark corner in order to discover completely new possibilities. Therefore, do not waste more time and just download Stirring Abyss via torrent on your PC for free. After that, you will be ready not to stop and start actively acting.

Dangerous enemies

Do not forget that your crash caused the awakening of dangerous creatures. They will now begin to crawl out of their shelters and try to destroy those who dared to enter their home. You will have to fight underwater in a turn-based battle mode, trying to actively develop skills, create weapons and think over battle tactics. Do not relax too much, because in addition to small enemies, there will be really huge enemies, which will not be so easy to deal with. But we believe in your abilities and we are confident that you will achieve a favorable result. And at first, we suggest you just download the Stirring Abyss torrent on your PC and get started.

All is well, but one small but important element is worth noting – radiation. It is not fatal, but it can cause mutation. On the one hand, it will harm, and on the other hand, it will allow you to adapt to new conditions of survival. In any case, try to use all your possibilities correctly. We wish you good luck!

Game features

Unusual atmosphere of the game that will require a clear study of the environment.
Turn-based battles will allow you to apply tactics and be the best in the underwater world.
The ability to control mutation by a member of your team, which will definitely not be superfluous.
A personal base that requires not only repairs, but also gives you the opportunity to realize your potential.

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