Stick Em Up

System requirements Stick Em Up

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
Processor: Modern Multi Core Cpu
Video Card: Modern Dedicated Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk Space: 10 GB



Stick Em Up

To not talk, and sometimes you want to try yourself in the role of a real criminal. But in real life, implementing such a plan is fraught with consequences. Therefore, everything can be done in the virtual world. Today we bring to your attention a game in which you have to try on the role of a villain. It was made in the first-person format, the authors of the idea and development was the company Nicholas Rizzo. The name of this project is Stick Em Up. At its core, this is a very dynamic shooter in which your character will become a real robber. In addition, here you are free to do anything: if you want, take the money, if you want, kill and run away from the police. In a word, you are given complete freedom of action and no restrictions. Your goals for the robbery will be not only banks, but also other institutions. You will enjoy the gameplay.

More about the game

If we talk about the storyline, then there is no background, but all we know is only the robbery of banks and various structures. They can be called profitable places for our robber. You will commit robberies of these institutions. That was the intention of the creators of this project. You will have to shoot at the police cars and at them yourself, and also steal, rob and kill. For those who like these shooters, we recommend that you visit our game portal, where you can download the torrent Stick Em Up without any financial investments.

Story line

In addition to the robberies and shootings in the game Stick Em Up, you will also have to engage in intellectual activity. Namely, to accept and solve very complex tasks in which witnesses will appear. And you will have to make decisions that may turn out to be crucial for everyone. The most difficult of the proposed tasks will be the adoption of the optimal solution, since shooting and robbing, then everyone and everything. Remember that at any time you can get hooked, you can be seen or set up a trap.

Game features

In addition to these dangers, guards can provide you with strong resistance, they are bold and can fight even with an armed robber. Therefore, before you go, as they say, into business, you will need to carefully reflect and draw up a plan of action. This will allow you to avoid many troubles and get what you want. All the characters in the presented project are drawn very realistically, so during the game you can plunge into the atmosphere of adrenaline.

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