System requirements STATIONflow:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2.5 Ghz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: 2GB VRAM
Disk space: 1 GB


STATIONflow is an interesting project. In it, you will manage passengers. Build an efficient underground metro station. Control it. Has this ever happened to you? You get stuck on a full train or at a meter station during rush hour. Have you ever walked with no purpose at all?

More about the game

Have you scolded those who did not provide the necessary signs? Have you ever wanted to design this metro station much better than others? You now have such an opportunity. You should definitely download this game via torrent on your PC.

Game features

You need to manage all passengers, take into account their specific needs, statistics and goals. All this is simulated in real time.
Create 3D layouts on a multi-layered map.
Place all structures and passages freely. There should be no restrictions.
Connect the built station with elevators, escalators and stairs. You need to do everything right. Make sure you have the required access.
Maintain efficiency and functionality. You need to do everything to avoid congestion. Get passengers to their destination safely and quickly.
Guide your passengers with signage. Watch for changes in passenger flow. Start creating a route. Get people to choose the best option without crowding. But remember that the shortcut is not always effective.

On this page you can download the game STATIONflow torrent free on a PC.



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