Startup Company

System requirements Startup Company:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Video Card: HD Graphics 4200
Disk space: 200 Mb


Startup Company

Do you think it’s easy to create your own projects and startups? Do not know? Then you just have a unique chance to try your hand at the original simulator called Startup Company – an excellent game that has mechanics like a sandbox. Now you have the opportunity to try to create your own business project on your own – for this you only need to download the Startup Company torrent on our website and get down to business.

More about the game

Game Startup Company is a business simulator with sandbox game mechanics. You will be able to lead a small software development company and will act as the CEO. Naturally, at the very beginning of his career, the company’s budget will be very, very small, so the best option would be not to develop your own projects, but to refine and bring to the minds of others. But after you begin to receive a stable profit, you will be able to think about what to start making your own programs and offering your services in the IT market.

Game features

The peculiarity of the Startup Company game is that developers are constantly improving the game and constantly adding new content to it, although critics have noted that there are still some shortcomings. You will have the opportunity to create a variety of objects and modules that can be used in the future, hire marketing specialists, PR managers and other specialists who will be involved in the promotion and promotion of your product.

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