Starship Troopers – Terran Command

System requirements Starship Troopers – Terran Command

OS: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent.
Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 or ATI ™ Radeon ™ HD 6XXX or higher.
DirectX: Version 9.0.
Disk space: 10 GB.


Starship Troopers – Terran Command

Computer game Starship Troopers – Terran Command – a fascinating story, which is based on the plot of “Starship Troopers.” This film was about brave fighters who fought with alien insects of unimaginable sizes. The game project was created in the genre of strategy, it will allow users to travel to that fascinating, unusual universe.

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More about the game

The task of the Starship Troopers player – Terran Command – is to build his own headquarters, develop the economy, and rule the army. The main thing is to monitor the balance of the population, carefully spend resources, and apply carefully developed tactics to achieve superiority.

Be prepared for the fact that there will be many obstacles and interventions from the side of large spiders, because they intend to prevent your control of the planet and the entire civilization. You have to go through enough companies in which every step you make and your decision will have consequences, and the further development of the plot will depend on them. Listen to the Terran Command, and try to fulfill all his requests. You can also hire elite units that have many unique talents. You can do without it, but then you have to do it yourself, then with blood and to achieve your goals. Use the technology tree rationally. It will allow you to make the right decision in the distribution and pumping of forces, resources, and other important points.

Features of tactics and economics

Insects are driven by instincts and thirst for blood, they intend to take control over humanity in quantity. At the same time, people are faced with the fact that resources are gradually running out. So, we need the right tactics that will act in favor of humanity, and will contribute to saving resources. It is important to pay attention to the organized deployment of units on the ground, to take care of pumping weapons. Even the relief of the planet will help you. Be vigilant, because from the side of beetles at any time provocations can begin.

Talents Combat units.

Players Starship Troopers – Terran Command will be able to use a large selection of units, uniforms, weapons, various talents. The infantry gained significant advantages and opportunities, and all thanks to Morita attack aircraft. Supervise the work of engineers, monitor the timely repair and detuning of defensive buildings, take care of the layout of mines.

As you progress in the project, the Federation’s arsenal is growing. Players can take control of elite infantrymen, use the capabilities of aviation, wear special suits, and apply other capabilities and talents to quickly achieve their goals.

Gameplay Starship Troopers – Terran Command

Companies are being generated. With repeated passage, the plot changes.
A huge number of units, each of which has its own talent and characterization.
Carefully designed maps, there are elevations that allow you to build the right tactics.
Implemented advanced technologies, the ability to program military weapons and vehicles.
For leaders, pumping and development is available, they can be assigned to certain units.

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