Starfall Tactics


System Requirements Starfall Tactics

Operating system: Windows 7
DirectX: DirectX9
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 460+ or Radeon HD 2600+
Process : dual core 2.0 GHz

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Starfall Tactics

Each game has three stages of release – first, the studio’s announcement of its new project, then testing (which can be alpha or beta), and finally – the long-awaited full launch. Starfall Tactics was launched exactly according to this principle, at first the Snowforged Entertainmen studio announced its desire to release a new tactical game, where the user will be able to customize the ships and then proceeded to implement the plan.


This is a multi-user space strategy in real time with a deep optimization of sci-fi The action of the game unfolds in space. The games are waiting for the battles with the participation of unique κοcmichesky fleets and many rivals. Bο the time of battles are taken into account the οcοbennοct of each unit, and not the whole army at once. Collecting the drawings, it is possible to get a lot of new developments and launches for κοcmichecκix κοpables, and also to take up their ycοupshenctvοvaniem. In Starfall Tactics, you don’t have to work hard on the economy and build your bases. Gameplay, controls and interface elements are sure to be familiar to most fans of these games.

Game Features

– Simple control interface;
– Interesting gameplay;
– No need to build a base;
– Independence from resources;
– The main emphasis on battles – with a tactical component of using the features of each unit, so if you like such strategies about space, then downloading the Starfall Tactics game via torrent is a must.

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