System requirements Starbound:

OS: Windows XP or newer
Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
Video Card: 256 MB | DirectX 9.0c
Disk Space: 3 GB
Interface language: English
Voice Language: English



Games with two-dimensional graphics are becoming increasingly popular again. The list of their capabilities can be a huge, excellent confirmation of what the Starbound project from the British indie studio Chucklefish serves. It offers a fantastic “sandbox” on the theme of space flight. The beta version appeared in 2013. Gamers and critics liked the game so much that they won two prestigious awards: 2013 Indie of the Year Indie DB and PC Gamer Top 100 Greatest PC Games. The secret lies in the atmosphere, which should be called fabulous space, and, of course, in a large set of possibilities. Starbound is easy to find in common with Diablo, Terraria, Castlevania and other hits, but uniqueness comes first.

Now about the essence:

There are seven races, forced for certain reasons to leave their native lands and start searching for new ones. A spaceship is the most expensive thing the heroes have, it opens millions of roads and serves as a real fortress. It can be fully equipped in accordance with their desires. And generally everything around is unique. Here we note the use of procedural generation. Of course, the creation of the world is engaged in both the program and the player himself. At its disposal, the order of hundreds of materials and thousands of various objects. Would you like to build a quiet village? You are welcome! Want to become the owner of your own metropolis? Too please Download Starbound torrent need all gamers, the game allows you to write your own story about space travel. It can be joint – in addition to the single there is multiplayer.

Thanks to this game from Chucklefish, space tourism is available to everyone now:

You can not just fly from planet to planet, but also engage in detailed terraforming, get acquainted with the local flora and fauna – all components of the world are accompanied by a description, and sometimes the player becomes a real pioneer. He can hide the received data or share it with the others. To make it even more interesting, non-player characters constantly provide new tasks. Their implementation can lead to a planet with absolutely fantastic gravity, vegetation, climate … But while admiring others, you should not forget about the dangers. The heroes of Starbound do not part with their weapons either underground, or on the ground, or above the ground … You can use medieval swords or fantastic blasters – the arsenal is very rich. Here, for clarity, we note that some variants of the rocket launcher, there are about 21 thousand!

Starbound Features:

– You can download Starbound torrent right now.
– There are seven races, each of which went on a long journey based on their own considerations.
– A gamer is waiting for an infinite number of planets with an infinite number of geographic features …
– It doesn’t matter whether single or multiplayer mode is used, it’s important that everyone gives millions of emotions and possibilities!
– One hundred materials and a thousand objects will fully show the talent of the crafter and builder.
– You can fight with computer monsters, and you can engage in a fight with other players. However, diplomacy here occupies an important place.
– In the Starbound home stands the spacecraft. It can and should be designed in accordance with their own ideas.
– Developers give users the opportunity to easily create modifications.



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