System requirements Starbase

OS: (64-bit) Windows 10/7.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 / Intel i7-6700k.
Video card: Radeon RX Vega 8 GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB.
DirectX: Version 11.
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk space: 15 GB.



The multiplayer network game Starbase, which can be downloaded via torrent on our website, will allow building and erecting space stations. Here the protagonist will be able to apply strategic thinking. Stations for flights into space can be equipped with additional mechanisms and devices for flights. This project can be held in the sandbox mode with friends or when space is open for research in person. During the game, the gamer will have to fight, constantly extract minerals, trade them. And most importantly – to conduct space exploration.

More about the game

The storyline of the Starbase project, downloaded from the torrent, which can be on our website, is represented by a showdown between the Empire and the Kingdom. The gamer will have to choose one of the parties or become a peace lover and independently explore the cosmic universe. The developers have a well thought out safety scheme. Thanks to her, you will never be in a disadvantageous situation for yourself, even in a world where no one has investigated before.


So, the gamer gets into the invented universe of the Starbase game, which you can download from the torrent on our website, of a huge size, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Graphic design includes a combination of voxel and vertex technology. This makes it possible to realistically see what is happening around. For example, when fuel starts to flow from a spaceship, the engine will simply shut off. And this liquid is far from as safe as it seems. It melts the metal parts of the ship and can destroy it.

If an accident occurs, then the sheets from the skin can peel off and fly into outer space. And if this happens at tremendous speed, then nothing will remain of the space vehicle for movement. Also, the protagonist can manually control the ship in case of damage to the autopilot system. We can conclude that this is a unique project, which provides great opportunities for the player in terms of creativity and identity. Thanks to the first, it will be easy to explore the large universe of the project.

Game features

Players will have to build new spaceships, do better mechanics and casing, lay electrical and computer networks themselves. And also to build huge, modern, fully automated plants. A feature of the game on the network is a difficult destruction system. It uses the effect of breaking objects and voxel. In this world, any thing can be broken, disassembled into parts, damaged or accidentally destroyed. And to do this, in the Starbase project, download from the torrent, which can be on our website, has everything you need for the user.

The physical environment model also combines the above technologies. Thanks to the conduct of hostilities in outer space, the study of outer space and constant flights, this adventure has become unique. You have to put very high-quality spare parts on your spaceship, otherwise it will disintegrate, and also make repairs on time. For users of the Starbase adventure, downloading via torrent, which can be done on our Internet resource, will seem difficult due to modeling the instability of some objects to external factors (for example, damage).

Players can receive natural resources from the environment (for example, from asteroids). And after that, the good received can be well traded and delivered with your comrades to the buyer. After all, you can interact over the network with a variety of heroes and also friends. The Starbase game, downloaded from a torrent, which can be found on our Internet resource, provides for energetic communication between opponents and teammates, as well as an exciting system of warfare. In it, economy and trade are thought out to the smallest detail.

Here you need to work in a cooperative and communicate with other gamers. Your victory or defeat will depend on this. You should not do memorized boring actions a lot of time in a row. And you need to download Starbase adventure through a torrent on our website right now and, together with your comrades, begin to study this amazing universe.

On this page you can download the game Starbase via torrent for free on PC.



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