Star Wars Squadrons

System requirements Star Wars Squadrons

OS: Windows 10;
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X or Intel Core i5-7600;
RAM: 8 GB;
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7850 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660;
Hard disk space: 30 GB.



Star Wars Squadrons

The Star Warrior universe is constantly evolving and offers ever new adventures and opportunities to prove themselves. Therefore, do not be surprised that the developers are trying to experiment and offer users unusual options for battles. Initially, we were offered shooters, then it was possible to play high-quality action. And now you will have the opportunity to become one of the pilots of the Star Wars Squadrons space army and try to demonstrate your well-aimed shooting, let alone tactics, active battles and complex missions. It remains only to prepare for this adventure and be prepared for the unexpected.

More about the game

Being a spaceship pilot is not easy. After all, you are offered to manage not a huge cruiser, but a small warship, which is designed for reconnaissance and pinpoint strike. Such ships are famous for their agility, survivability and ease of practical use. Can’t wait to get them anymore? Then we suggest you download Star Wars Squadrons via torrent to PC for free and after that you can start training. It will allow you to understand all the intricacies of management and simply successfully begin to act in the heat of battle.

Big potential

The developers have put their soul into their new game project and are confident that you will like it. Indeed, not every time we are offered to become a spaceship pilot, go to the open spaces, fight with the same dangerous pilots, and also fulfill a number of different tasks, which are likely to be complex and multi-stage. In general, the Star Wars universe continues to live and delight fans with new details, game mechanics, and other original nuances. And in order to quickly test all these innovations, we suggest you download the Star Wars Squadrons torrent to your PC and you can go on this fascinating adventure.

Now you just have to decide on this adventure and try to achieve success. You are waiting for the career of a professional pilot, and which side of the conflict to choose, you decide. Do not worry, only at first the game will seem complicated, too fast and unpredictable, but as soon as you curb it, you will get an unrealistic charge of positive and emotions.

Game features

You will control the starship with a first-person view.
Large selection of upgrades for the ship.
Dynamic battles in the open spaces.
This version includes all bonus content.

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