Stalker: Thorny Way

System requirements Stalker Thorny Way

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (x64 bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
RAM: for a comfortable game from 6/8 GB
Graphics Card: 1GB – nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / 2GB – ATI Radeon®
Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Free space on hard disk: 7 GB


Stalker Thorny Way

And again, a new modification for the cult game series Stalker Call of Pripyat. At the same time, this mod will be a prologue to Sunken Into Oblivion and is the plot for the aforementioned project. It tells the story of a man named Dan. Before our character was a mercenary. The Stalker Thorny Way mod has new story content, as well as new characters and quests. Changes have been made to the graphics of the game and the game process itself, which have become much better and better. So, before us will be the whole life of Dan. The scene will be the original location of the game Stalker Call of Pripyat. And as you might have guessed, this mod will tell about the consequences of the Sunken into Oblivion project. You can download the Stalker Thorny Way torrent on the specified interactive portal for free.

More about the game

The storyline will tell the events that took place at locations already familiar to you. The story itself dates back to 2013, when our character worked as a mercenary and took part in one operation. Someone Morgan led the operation. The main mission was to find secret documents that could lead to a project called Renaissance. According to the data, the documents were left by scientists from O-Consciousness in one of the X8 laboratories. However, the mercenaries did not cope with the task, because the operation was thwarted by a stalker. After his intervention, the documents were lost forever. This failure was the reason why Dan left the squad of mercenaries. Of course, Morgan could not forgive him for this. In place of our character took a certain Wedge.

Several years passed and Dan replenishes the ranks of stalkers. For himself, he chose the Zaton area as the location and settled on one of the barges. All these years, our hero has been looking for valuable artifacts and the necessary resources to support life outside the Zone. And so it would have been if Dan had not once received a message asking him to meet in the old substation workshops. The surprise was the person who made the appointment. This was one of Morgan’s old acquaintances who told Dan the story of how Wedge had escaped with the indicated documents. Therefore, he turns to Dan with a request to find the traitor and get a good reward. Can our character find Klin, what awaits him in the future, how does the storyline turn? You can get the answer to these questions if you decide to download the Stalker Thorny Way torrent on our game portal.

Features of the game project

– A completely new storyline of a mercenary Dan;
– as many as 10 main quests;
– Another 20 additional tasks to complete;
– new characters, each of them will have its own story;
– events will occur in all five locations of the original version of Call of Pripyat;
– graphic design based on AtmosFear 3;
– Improved gameplay, which contributes to the most realistic passing;
– A wide range of weapons created on the basis of the popular project Original Guns Reanimated.

On this page you can download the game Stalker Thorny Way torrent free on PC.



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