Stalker Photograf

System requirements Stalker Photograf

Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Video Card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Hard disk space: 12 GB


Stalker Photograf

Stalker Photograf players are invited to try their hand at the new role. The main character, a military reporter, goes to the infected area, where events will unfold. Your goal is to find out what happened on the alienated territory and transfer the collected information to the government headquarters. A vast field where something incredible happens, new locations, an exciting plot, a lot of fascinating quests, new characters that meet the Photographer as the game progresses – all this awaits the user.

A completely new functionality is available in the project, now you can not only record what is happening, but also find the necessary elements and equipment for your character. The game Stalker Photograf, which you can download torrent directly on this site, will give exciting emotions, unexpected twists and lots of exciting moments.

More about the game

Features of the plot. There will be no old plot of the original version, now there is no need to be distracted by extraneous tasks and puzzles. You will have to confront enemies who want to seize territory. The main character is in danger everywhere. Monsters constantly interfere with you, trying in every possible way to interfere with the main task – to capture secret information on the camera and transmit it to the headquarters. Moreover, they wish the death of a military journalist.

To reduce the level of radiation, gain strength and restore energy reserves, the hero can try the energy source, which is located in the center of the zone. The energy emitted by the source allows you to improve your skills and open up new opportunities for successful confrontation with the enemy.

Most of the time you will have to devote to research. You will be engaged in intelligence, to extract valuable classified materials. But the main thing is that all this needs to be filmed on camera, because you are a reporter. The government headquarters is waiting for information about what is happening in the anomalous zone.

Game mechanics

Special services of different countries, with the support of their government tops, large research institutes, terrorist groups and simply free mercenaries go to abnormal terrain to find a mysterious source of inexhaustible energy. Now in the territory there is a huge number of mishandled agents and reconnaissance groups. The stakes are great, because at stake is the opportunity to rule the whole world.

During the game Stalker Photograf, the hero has new opponents, but he should not forget about the main mission – to fix everything that happens. All that the hero has is his ingenuity and camera, which will help to successfully complete the operation. The user can control the character in training mode. Pay attention to the details. Maps will tell you about the location of the enemy. In your arsenal there is only a camera, you will have to get some more weapons. Complete secret missions and do not let your bosses down.

Mod Features

The developers of the game Stalker Photograf, the torrent of which can be downloaded on this portal, was pleased with the improved graphics and sound. Now the character even faster moves around locations. A pleasant surprise for the user will be the ability to independently control the camera angle.

Do not forget that you are not only a scout, but also a military reporter who must obtain secret information and send it to the appropriate structures. The player will have to hide the location on which the game artifacts are hidden.

The success of the operation will be at risk if the hero is not protected by special uniforms. Keep an eye on equipment, masks and gas masks – without which it will be impossible to complete a mission.

Your task is to get out of the anomalous zone unscathed, while taking valuable shots. Spend time playing a game that has prepared many unexpected and exciting twists. You will definitely like an interesting project scenario.

The game is patched to the latest version and there are add-ons.

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