Stalker OGSR Mod

System requirements Stalker OGSR Mod

Operating Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
RAM: 4 GB (preferably more)
Graphics Card: 1GB / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Hard disk space: 12 GB



Stalker OGSR Mod

Good news for all fans of the Stalker universe. Here is a new OGSM modification for Stalker Clear Sky. It was created by the OGSM team, but later several other elements were added that will become a pleasant addition during the gameplay Stalker OGSR Mod. The translation from English was carried out at an amateur level, this is not a professional version from the developers. Here is a new, improved update for the specified game. All problems and shortcomings that were pointed out by gamers tried to fix.

More about the game

Please note that as soon as you install this update, you must run the configuration utility. She will be able to properly structure the folders in the folder of the mod itself. Without these settings, you may have problems launching the update itself. Everyone can visit our game resource and download the torrent Stalker OGSR Mod there.

Story line

Technical support in this update will be limited, because this is the latest version. In the future, there are no plans to release new add-ons or fixed versions (if only critical ones that can negatively affect the game). All this is due to the fact that the developers focused more on the new OGS Remastered project. Studying all the modifications of the Stalker universe is a very difficult task, since most of them are presented only in English or translated poorly.

But later there was an OGSE version for Shadow of Chernobyl from another uber mod. He was quite stable and had a high level of survival for experienced gamers. This is a kind of evolution on the AMC. In addition, the translation is very high quality. After some time spent on the passage and experiments, it was concluded that this Stalker OGSR Mod is currently the highest point of the FPS genre. This applies to open worlds, in which the emphasis is on the survival of the main character. There is also a fairly high intensity and a lot of risks. But the rewards for this all rely on the appropriate level.

Modification will indeed be difficult to complete.

In this version of the mod, the main tasks and side lines of the basic game project remain. Everything remained without significant changes. Those who played the Shadow of Chernobyl game will immediately understand what needs to be done. You will have to take up arms at the beginning of the game, because you can’t do anything without it. If you are interested in this project, then rather go to the specified interactive portal to download the torrent Stalker OGSR Mod there without financial investments.


Next to you will be the territory of Lonersky camp. However, it is better not to go there, because everyone there is very hostile and can open fire on everyone without warning. The best option is to try to establish a conversation. The first task, as it will be, is to provide services to this clandestine trader. You will have to find and extract a valuable artifact. As soon as you get as close as possible to the artifact, your customer will contact you and warn of impending anomalies. There will be plenty of dangers in the game, only terrible mutants of which are worth. Move around the location carefully so as not to stumble on monsters. Download torrent Stalker OGSR Mod you can by clicking on the link on our game portal.

Game features

After completing the task, the trader will again contact you with a request. This time you have to deal with the rescue of three soldiers who managed to shoot a helicopter. But when you arrive at the scene, the helicopter will safely leave the territory. Of the remaining there will be only one character. You have to cure it, and then together you will return the desired artifact to the merchant. You will receive a reward from him and a new task. More and more quests await you further, especially since it will not be just a study of the Zone. You must remember that here is a deadly danger zone in which is full of dangers and terrible creatures.

On this page you can download the game Stalker OGSR Mod via torrent for free on PC.



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