Stalker AREA

System requirements Stalker AREA

Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Е6400 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
Video card: 512 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible card / NVIDIA® GeForce ™ 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon ™ HD 4850
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Free space on hard disk: 13 GB


Stalker AREA

A game project called Stalker AREA belongs to the Stalker universe and is based on such interactions as Call of Chernobyl, Call of Misery and MLR. What is remarkable about this game is the method of conditional realism, which is difficult to execute, but takes into account many details and innovations. The main goal of the modification is to expand the game itself, but other aspects have an impact on this. To fully immerse yourself in this world, you should try to play in the mode with the author’s settings, without changing or adding anything. You will do the usual things: eat, drink, sleep. And you will also have to deal with unloading items, managing weapons and equipment, and proper weight distribution. You need to carefully weigh your every decision. Those gamers who prefer easy money and quick promotion do not like the presented addon very much. But if you like it, then you can download the torrent Stalker AREA at the specified link.

More about the game

The game implements a special caching system with more accessible content and the ability to customize a coffin or bag at will. Regarding the sound design of the department with weapons, here is a complete modification of the layer system. Most of the sounds are replaced by copyrighted tunes. But first you need to download the torrent Stalker AREA on our Internet portal for free. Also, the modification will give a lot of new things. It will be both a new natural ecosystem and a music system. You can independently set the range and volume of the sound for different game sounds. It is also possible to make changes to the vegetation, some wood structures, change the color scheme, the structure of the cottage itself and the terrain.

Story line

Even in the game add-on Stalker AREA, they inserted collisions of bodies, the sounds of a helicopter explosion, ten new locations with valuable artifacts, tape locations, and the ability to change the engine. A new system of competence has been presented, which passes on a PDA by cards, there is also an updated system of electrical devices (flashlights, night vision devices, detectors, PDAs, protoexelons, rifles, exoskeletons). Animation has also taken to a new level, and AI has a full view. Mick Gordon became the composer, so all the music in the game belongs to him.

Game features

Most of the updated costumes are implemented in this expansion. It will be SKAT-9M, RS1-B, an army isolation suit, an armored suit, a camouflage head, an old raincoat. During the game, new game goals will be set and dialogues will be spelled out. Also, the changes affected various structures and objects, a large number of symbols have been drawn. The economy has expanded significantly, just like the trade, a new delivery system has been implemented that is very similar to ZP’s Nimble. In short, there will be plenty of innovations and changes in the game, but you can take advantage of all this only after you visit our game portal. Then you can download torrent Stalker AREA.

Stalker AREA interface

The interface has undergone a complete redesign, the menu buttons have become animated, just like the screen and the cursor. The lantern has changed the characteristics and the design itself, and it also became widescreen. Over three hundred visualization effects and approximately forty new costumes are presented for trackers. Radiation will constantly affect objects and try to deactivate them. Unused items have new opportunities, and the functionality has become a broader plan of action. Also added ammo packs and World Pack templates. The creators of the project spent a lot of effort on visualization and sound design in order to more demonstrate the gaming atmosphere. Whether they have succeeded in this, you can already evaluate yourself.

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