Square Head Zombies FPS Game


System requirements Square Head Zombies FPS Game

OS: Window 7 or above
Processor: Core i3
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: Intel HD 3000
Disk space: 300 MB


Square Head Zombies FPS Game

In this first-person shooter, you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of hungry zombies. Your weapon is the only way to deal with the undead horde. We recommend downloading Square Head Zombies FPS Game via torrent for free and keep track of the amount of ammo and reload your weapon in time so that the zombies cannot get close to you.

More about the game

Zombies are very strong, they can kill you in 3-4 hits. Be careful. This is a classic first person shooter (FPS) with pixelated (low poly) graphics. Do not be afraid to be the first to enter into a conflict – if the zombies do not see you, then calmly reload and start shooting all the dead in your field of vision. The apocalypse has already arrived, which means that you need to shoot at everything that moves.


At each level of the game, you need to kill a certain number of zombies. Hold the weapon firmly in your hand and aim for the heads. Kill zombies separately to make your life easier. And if a group of zombies spots you, it’s best to run and find cover, and then lure them out one by one. This is an offline first-person shooter, and therefore you have to fight only with AI (artificial intelligence). There is no multiplayer in the game, so you won’t be able to play against your friends.

If zombies attacked you, but you dodged the blow, then this is a great opportunity to escape and reload your weapon. Once your store is full, be sure to take out the attackers. Pull the trigger as quickly as possible. You must survive at all costs.

Features of the game

– Nostalgic gameplay inspired by classic games
– Don’t forget to reload your weapon

On this page you can download the game Square Head Zombies FPS Game torrent free on a PC.



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