System requirements Spotify

Operating system: iOS, iOS 12
Later versions of Android, Android 4.1
On Mac OS X 10.10 and Windows, Windows 7



Imagine that you have a huge catalog of music, and you can listen to any songs you want. Stop being surprised, download Spotify, a free streaming music player that’s packed with the best of the internet. The program opens the doors for you to the world of music. You can listen to any artists and albums or create your own playlists from your favorite songs. Want to listen to new music? Choose a ready-made playlist by mood or use personal recommendations.

More about the program

Spotify has a huge catalog of music supported by most of the music companies like EMI, Warner Music, Sony or Universal, and you can search the catalog with a good built-in search engine. Although, you can use the program in other ways, just listening to the built-in radio, in which the music is divided by genre and date.

Key features

Create and edit playlists, shuffle, cycle through the list of songs, pause playback, view the covers of the albums being played, integrate it all into the program. In conclusion, although the program is a streaming music player, it also allows you to listen to music stored on your hard drive or removable drive.

From this page, you can download Spotify via torrent for free on PC.



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