System requirements Spintires

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core 2 Dual 2 GHz
Video card: 1 GB of video memory, DirectX 9.0s



Spintires was released exclusively on PC by independent developer Pavel Zagrebelny on June 12, 2014. The development of the game began in 2009 and lasted almost 5 years, from which it can be concluded that the full version of the game has been fully developed and all necessary measures have been taken to eliminate errors.

Spin Tires is a high-quality and realistic truck simulator in Russian. What is the distinguishing feature of this repack is that the whole game takes place on Russian off-road and only on off-road vehicles of the USSR. Also, which is very attractive – the road surface can be destroyed. A very powerful engine – Havok also helps to reveal all the main features of the game. Even such pleasant trifles as wheel slippage, difficulty in moving due to soil destruction have been worked out. Also for free you can enjoy a constant change of scenery with each new race. It is possible to play on the Internet with your friends (up to 4 people). The gameplay and the mechanics of the game are made to glory, as well as a very colorful three-dimensional world with wonderful graphics. There is also a choice of automatic transmission and manual transmission.

You can choose between 10 all-terrain vehicles of the Soviet automobile industry. Each of them has its own unique features, and you can realize your dreams by upgrading the car, installing various modules and “gadgets”. It is very addictive to complete interesting and, from time to time, quite difficult to complete tasks for the transportation of goods. There are no sky-high speeds, everything is as close as possible to reality, which allows you to experience a truly high-quality immersion in this virtual world of off-road racing.

Spintires is a computer game with an amazing fate. Because initially, it was an ordinary modification, which allowed players to ride on the most famous representatives of Russian SUVs. However, over time, the developers still managed to gather strength and create their own project, which would differ from its competitor in an amazing visual style and technicality.

First of all, playing Spintires is worth it for those who in childhood have always dreamed of experiencing all the hardships of driving a car that is not afraid of bad weather, because its engine and suspension are so powerful that they can withstand any load. However, do not think that because of this, it will be easy to pass the local routes. Not at all.

The game engine is so cool that it can reproduce almost any weather, as far as the characteristics of your PC will allow it. Indeed, sometimes, SUVs have to act not only in the mud, but also in terrible frosts, snow and storms. The unique technology allowed developers to realize the most realistic behavior of dirt in the history of computer entertainment, because thanks to this, you can just feel the clumps of earth sticking on wheels.

But also, this creates unique situations by which you have to sophisticatedly look for workarounds so as not to disappear under the thickness of sand and dirt. And in order not to get bored, a cooperative mode will come to your aid, allowing you to ride with your friends. They can even push your car if it does disappear.

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