SpinTires 2017

System requirements SpinTires 2017:

OS: Windows XP or Higher
Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory: from 1GB
Graphics: from 512MB
DirectX®: Version 9.0c


SpinTires 2017

Want to enjoy an SUV simulator? Then the game project SpinTires 2017 is what you like. It was created by the Oovee Game studio in 2014, although work on this project was started back in 2009, and the Havok Physics Innovation Contest was the start of the competition. After the release of a simple demo, fans praised the game, and the creators decided using the Kickstarter service, as well as with the help of the players, to raise money and release the full version of the toy for them. What attracts the game, and why do we recommend downloading the SpinTires 2017 torrent from our website?

More about the game

There are several reasons why this is worth doing. Firstly, in the game fleet of the game, the most popular models of the domestic automobile industry are presented, which are usually called an SUV. Here you can meet not only the huge “Hurricane”, but also more modest cars, for example, UAZ cars. Although they are not impressive in their size, their capabilities will help gamers overcome more than one obstacle in the game.

Players will be able to visit a variety of picturesque cities and corners of the state. Of course, the roads are not very pleasant, often dirty, but you are on such a car! Drive cars KamAZ, MAZ, ZIL, and others, and hit the road.
The appearance of road dirt is not just an obstacle, or a familiar attribute of our roads, but it is also the main element of the gameplay. Depending on how the car will behave on the road, road dirt will change. The deep track near the road can be a serious test, therefore, it is worth stocking a winch in front of the road.

Realism in the game at a high level:

What we managed to tell you about is only partially described by the SpinTires 2017 game project. It is worth paying special attention to the physical models of the machines, which are executed just superbly. By controlling each machine, the player will be able to note the realism of its behavior on the go. To make it easier for you to manage SUVs, the developers have provided for the choice of gearboxes, and you can choose a mechanic or an automatic machine. You can also turn off all-wheel drive, or block differentials. All this in one way or another affects the behavior of vehicles, and in difficult situations you can ease your task by doing one of the above. Also, the damage system in the game was thought out in some detail. The decrease in fuel volumes is perfectly displayed, therefore, you have to monitor the condition of your tanks and periodically fill them using existing tanks.

The presence of tasks and campaigns in the game:

The computer game SpinTires 2017 is very exciting. You can not only travel to the forest and marsh areas of the Russian Federation, but also take responsibility for the delivery of various goods and goods. Be prepared that you have to carry them regardless of the weather and time of day. SpinTires 2017 game will not bother you, because the roads in it do not repeat, and each time a new path awaits you. And even if the route has been laid along the same route several times, new tests and conditions are always waiting for you. This is achieved thanks to the modern generated engine Havok Physics, and the unique capabilities available.

A separate word deserves graphics. Many will call it simple, ordinary, although this can only be said about the environment and landscapes. The reason is simple – limited budget. If we talk about vehicles, then the developers paid enough attention to them, worked out all the models efficiently and in detail. The creators of the Oovee Game even provided for the presence of sun glare on the bodies, and much more, including shadows. If you want to drive off-road vehicles, feel their power and enjoy the domestic scenery, we recommend downloading SpinTires 2017 torrent using the free features of our game portal. Choose KamAZ, or another car, and go!

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