Spies & Soldiers


System requirements Spies & Soldiers

OS: Windows 10, 7
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Disk space: 200 MB


Spies & Soldiers

At first glance, Spies & Soldiers is a simple tactical strategy game that, however, has a lot to offer. You will need to develop your own empire, expand its borders and improve the welfare of citizens. But there is also a nuance here – the kingdom is torn apart by constant wars.

More about the game

The main events unfold in the vastness of the Empire, which is now in a fragmented state, and its parts are constantly fighting against each other. According to the plot, players will need to unite all lands at any price and create a single state. But this is very difficult to do, since there are many enemies who do not want such an outcome. You will need to develop your own castle, capture new territories, develop other available cities and much more. This is not an easy task, but it will definitely be interesting for you.

Each game here starts on a unique map that is randomly generated. For this reason, each new playthrough will be unique and different from the other. But not only the map will change, but also the conditions, opponents and much more. To try yourself in this genre, you should download Spies & Soldiers via torrent on your PC.


The most interesting thing is that players can independently determine the methods by which their goals will be achieved. For example, the use of such a unit as a spy will be very functional. In the game, he can perform many functions. They can help with the storming of the castle, they can arrange sabotages, get the necessary information, or even deceive the enemy. Another way to achieve this goal will be the use of military power. To do this, you need to hire warriors or mercenaries. If you form a large army from them, you can capture entire cities.

Features of the game:

Online multiplayer;
complex strategies and simple mechanics of their passage are offered at the same time;
dynamic gameplay;
simultaneous moves;
random maps;
single battle mode.

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