Spectrum Valley


System requirements Spectrum Valley:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual Core
Video card: any
Disk space: 10 MB

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Spectrum Valley

This is an unusual and extremely enjoyable adventure that will allow you to go on an amazing journey and play as two characters at once: a boy and a girl. They found themselves in an unusual fantasy world and now they are trying to get out of it, which is not so easy to do. Therefore, we recommend that you download the Spectrum Valley torrent on your PC to discover a wide range of adventures. All this will allow you to enjoy every moment of the game and get maximum support from the various NPCs that will meet on your way. Despite the fact that there are no enemies in this game, you can still die due to carelessness.

Unusual surroundings

The main feature of the adventure is that the whole world around will have an unusual dance music accompaniment. Literally everything, from the hills to a variety of forests, bodies of water and other elements, everything will change in real time and at high speed. Therefore, you will need to adapt to all these areas and try to achieve success by any means. Don’t jump to conclusions and just start the game. It will not be so familiar, but the result will definitely not disappoint you.


Help young children get to the exit and save their lives. Yes, this will not always work, but you will have many opportunities for this. The first will be the ability to download Spectrum Valley via torrent for free, while others will appear during your adventure. In general, a variety of interesting discoveries, new spaces for adventure and an extremely dynamic world around you are waiting for you.

Features of the game

Dynamic environment and constant change.
No enemies, just increased attention from the characters.
Unpredictable landscape changes.
Nice storytelling and level of graphic design.

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