Space Trash Scavenger


System requirements Space Trash Scavenger

OS: Windows 7 or later.
Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar.
Video card: 4 GB RAM.
Gamepad support: Full

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Space Trash Scavenger

This is a survival simulator that offers to go on an amazing journey and try to survive. You will need to take on the role of a lonely astronaut who accidentally was left alone in outer space. To survive, he will have to collect resources from literally everything he has collected from the space station. Fortunately, he has all the skills and knowledge that will allow him to realize his plans. And you will actively help him in all his endeavors, you just need to download the Space Trash Scavenger torrent on your PC and after that the result will definitely not disappoint you. Are you ready to demonstrate dexterity and willingness to succeed? Then you can start taking your first steps in space.

Space for activities

The first thing to note is that you have to take advantage of all the available directions in the game and achieve success. Outer space hides in itself not only a lot of opportunities in the form of collecting useful resources, but also offers to actively use all skills for battles, capturing space debris and even for confronting galactic pirates. If everything goes well, then you will receive a large amount of resources from which you can create a lot of useful things and ensure a normal existence for yourself.


Among the available crafting elements, you will find unique ways of obtaining food, organizing station defenses, and much more, including electronics and engines for travel. Space kills everyone who is not ready for such tests. And whoever shows skill and courage will have the opportunity to succeed and take advantage of all the “gifts” of space. And at first we recommend that you download Space Trash Scavenger via torrent for free and then go on an amazing journey. Now you are free to do whatever you want, just use all the possibilities correctly and nothing will stop you anymore.

Features of the game

Huge space for free exploration.
Hundreds of different crafting recipes.
A chance to meet higher beings.
No restrictions on space station design.

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