Space Raiders in Space


System requirements Space Raiders in Space:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Any since 2010
Video card: any from 2010
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 3 GB


Space Raiders in Space

The invasion of aliens is a popular storyline for any interactive world, so this time we are ready to offer you a similar adventure Space Raiders in Space, in which you take on the role of the commander of a squad of survivors and soldiers. They will have to actively use all their capabilities and try to resist the invasion of aliens. They attacked unexpectedly and captured most of the planet’s territory, so you have to rake all these directions and try to achieve success by any means. Only at first it will seem that people are already on the verge of total destruction, but if you manage them competently, then the result will certainly not disappoint you.

More about the game

Don’t worry, the survivor management system is as simple as possible. It will be enough just to issue commands, starting from the attack, ending with the exploration of the territory and the escape. These commands should be applied strictly depending on what kind of situation is at the location, what opportunities are there for use and how many enemies. The first step is just to take the chance to download Space Raiders in Space via torrent on PC for free. And after that you can completely immerse yourself in a new adventure.

Irretrievable losses

Despite the fact that the system for managing survivors is as simple as possible, it has consequences. If you mismanage your surviving people, there will be losses. As a result, mistakes will become the basis for the loss of survivors. If you organize everything illiterately, you will simply lose all people. You have to actively analyze the situation, assess the situation and only then make a decision.


Just do not rush too much, as you have to actively explore all directions and remember that the time for making decisions will be minimal. And the first thing you need to do is just download the Space Raiders in Space torrent on your PC, and only then make a conclusion about how exactly you led people. It will not be so easy to resist aliens, so you will need to actively act and try to defeat all enemies. Try to help the survivors and achieve a favorable outcome.

Game features

The ability to lead the surviving people who will unquestioningly follow all your instructions.
Dangerous enemies in the form of aliens who will attack in droves and will definitely not give you a head start.
A tactical bias in commanding troops that can get stronger or die on a mission.
Only you will decide who exactly will go on a mission: a professional soldier or just a citizen.
Huge battlefields that will delight you with their flexibility and unique locations.

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