Sovereignty Crown of Kings


System requirements Sovereignty Crown of Kings:

Operating system: Windows: 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Video card: GeForce GT 300 Series

Sovereignty Crown of Kings

Sovereignty Crown of Kings is a new take on the strategy genre. Moreover, The Lordz Games studio did not invent anything, it simply took the tactical board game Risk, the turn-based strategy Master of Magic and also the turn-based, but not fantastic Panzer General, as a basis. All these projects are already several decades old. The result is something original and fresh.

More about the game

Events unfold in a fantasy world in which all peoples – orcs, dwarves, humans, undead, elves – expect bad things from each other. In addition to the military component, great attention is paid to management. It will be necessary to do research and develop trade relations. The goal is simple – to conquer the local lands. And first of all, the ability to act flexibly will help. It remains to add that the game is two-dimensional, while the picture is beautiful, demonstrates all the epic character.


In the game, users have the opportunity to take control of absolutely any side of the conflict from the list of classic fantasy races: elves, orcs, gnomes, trolls, dwarves – all this curiosity is adjacent to knights, forest rangers and robber settlements. They all live on one continent, washed by waters from all sides. It is worth noting that the tasks for each of the available factions are different. And all because representatives of one race can be aimed at the global expansion of lands, while others, on the contrary, are more inclined to diplomacy and the conclusion of the most beneficial alliances.

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