Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7 – The Ultimate Soundcloud Bot

System requirements Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7 – The Ultimate Soundcloud Bot

Operating System: Windows Xp / Vista / 7/8/10
English language


Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7 – The Ultimate Soundcloud Bot

Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7 makes it easy to hear your music above the rest. From the exchange of tracks to the initialization of interaction with other users, to the search for users interested in your musical styles. SoundcloudManager gives you REAL followers, REAL likes, REAL comments, REAL auditions and REAL reposts.

More about the program

With the automation bot Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7, everything that you usually do manually on the Soundcloud website can now start automatically, in just a couple of minutes of setup. Soundcloud Manager software can promote your tracks, find new fans, share your tracks, send messages, add comments, and more. Why spend your time promoting your own tracks / music / beats, if it is better to spend time creating new songs or tracks. Let Soundcloud Manager do the promotion while you make the music.


Increase Soundcloud Playback
Soundcloud Download Increase
Follow users
Multi account follow
Bulk Account Creation
Search and favorite tracks
Search and repost tracks (Unique)
Bulk playlist creation (unique)
Mass increase favorites tracks
Mass increase track comments
Mass increase user subscriptions
Increase Mass Reposts Tracks (Unique)
Share tracks for users and groups
Commentary on the tracks
Unsubscribe from users
PM of your followers and those you follow (Unique)
User and PM Search (Unique)
Advanced Account Statistics Reports
Advanced group statistics reports
Mark and view your account
Search Filter – Users
Search Filter – Tracks
A unique action for each account (follow the user once / once as a track / comment once on one track / repost once…)
Scraper for comments
Clear users who commented on the track
Soundcloud Profile Details Scraper
Soundcloud Email scraper
Advanced module search and cleaning
Soundcloud V2 implements a search that includes additional filters
Keep track of new subscribers, then come back
Full syntax support for all messages
Got a feature suggestion, just let us know and I will execute it for you
I promise that you can contact us directly and expect a response
No monthly fee
Adverse Tracks
Soundcloud Track Uploader
Join Soundcloud Groups
Post to groups
Play track before favorite
Subscribe to a user before adding to favorites
Autobot plays an increase, every X hours they find new proxies, check and increase the number of listening
Repeat track increment, repeat track increment every X hours, using the same proxies
Send PM when you follow the user
Support for tokens in messaging and commenting
Clear public proxies
Check public proxies
Proxy account support, use the specified proxies for each account
Random delays after each action seem more realistic
Multithreaded for serious speed
100% based sockets (no web browser) for speed, reliability and efficiency
Full access to our support forum
Knowledge base helping you help yourself
Video lessons

On this page you can download Soundcloud Manager Elite v3.5.4.7 – The Ultimate Soundcloud Bot via torrent for free on your PC.



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