SOTANO – Mystery Escape Room Adventure


System requirements SOTANO – Mystery Escape Room Adventure:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.1 GHz
Grafik: Graphics card with DX10
Disk space: 2 GB

SOTANO – Mystery Escape Room Adventure

This is an unusual first-person adventure with horror elements that invites you to go to the vastness of a completely new interactive world. This time you have to take on the role of an ordinary person who decided to take a shortcut through an abandoned village. The idea is initially not the best, so it quickly spills over into a trap and paranormal activity. And to understand all this, you just need to download the game SOTANO Mystery Escape Room Adventure via torrent in order to take control of the main character and try to help him avoid a sad fate.

A village with secrets

At the first glance at the village, it may seem that it is quite ordinary. True, there is no one alive in it, only mentions, abandoned life and much more. This alarms the protagonist, but he does not attach much importance to it. Therefore, deciding to spend the night in one of the houses, the next day he notices that he has become an involuntary prisoner of this place and now he has to exert a lot of energy before he can leave this place. And the main problem will be the strange events that surround this village, as well as the abundant amount of secrets and secrets. You will immerse yourself in a thorough exploration of the village and try to reveal all the secrets, just do not rush too much, the result will be more than unpredictable.


The village has a large number of interesting places with detailed surroundings and the ability to carefully explore everything. If the main character had the will, he would have left this dangerous place long ago, but this is not so easy to do. Therefore, you just have to download the game SOTANO Mystery Escape Room Adventure via torrent on your PC and then start taking the first steps that will make you think not only about the fate of the hero, but also about many other things.

Game features

A large village with an incredible amount of secrets.
Traps, traps and strange paranormal activities.
Interesting puzzles based on the history of the village.
Everything is available for research.

On this page you can download the game SOTANO – Mystery Escape Room Adventure torrent free on a PC.



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