Sonic Mania

System requirements Sonic Mania:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Video Card: DirectX9 compatible with Shader Model 2.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 400 Mb


Sonic Mania

In the game you will find the return of the most famous hedgehog in the history of mankind. This time, Sonic returns, even more armed and possessing unique abilities that he did not have before. Sonic Mania continues the genre of two-dimensional adventure arcade about the blue hedgehog, which together with his friends will fight with dangers and overcome obstacles that arise in his way. You can download Sonic Mania yourself via torrent for free and make sure that the game is really worth it.

More about the game

In principle, some fundamentally new features of Sonic Mania – he can run, jump, collect various objects, and for enemies he has his signature blow in store with his whole thorny body. But there are a lot of things in the game implemented in a new way, in particular, new locations, missions and much more.

Game plot

Your team is represented by three unique characters: the blue hedgehog Sonic and his two friends, the malicious and the fox. To defeat your enemies, your main character has learned a new unique trick – now he can land, after which he performs a deadly tackle, with the help of which he easily destroys his enemies, and for this he gets points to his game account.

Big changes in the game Sonic Mania, which you can download on our website by torrent, you will notice in the gameplay. Now you can control not only Sonic, but also two other characters, using the abilities of each as necessary. For example, the echidna can support Sonic anytime and anywhere in the game, and the sly fox can circle any opponent’s finger. In the course of the game you will collect some rings, with the help of which you will maximize the characteristics of your character. By the way, a unique location appeared – pipes, very difficult to pass, but quite interesting.

Game mechanics

The main feature of the pipe labyrinth is that there are a lot of useful and unique resources that will help in pumping your character. Therefore, you just need to download Sonic Mania via torrent for free and go down underground to better pump Sonic. In addition to wandering through the mazes, you will also have to go on an amazing journey through the tops of palm trees, wander through the mountains and the jungle, as well as much more. Collect artifacts and earn points to become the best and most legendary hedgehog in history, as well as get unique opportunities that one hedgehog in the world does not have.

Game features

The most important artifact in Sonic Mania is the special rings you need to mine at all costs. The more rings you can get, the more significant the reward will be, since these rings are used to upgrade Sonic’s skills. Therefore, try to mine at all costs, and for this you will have to complete the most difficult tasks and missions in the game. But believe me, the reward is worth it.

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