Sonic Adventure DX

System requirements Sonic Adventure DX:

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Pentium III 866 MHz
128 MB RAM
16M Direct3D-compatible 3D graphics accelerator
DirectX 9.0b or later
1 GB of free hard disk space


Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure DX is Sony’s game project, the release of which was introduced back in 2010. Because of the elements of research and puzzles, it was planned to call him – “Sonic RPG”, but over time they abandoned such an idea. The first sonic platformer provides its events in full D format.

More about the game

Game world Sonic Adventure DX: If you want to get into a world called “Adventure Fields”, which is not at all like the Earth, although it is as big and open, then you are definitely here. Station Square, which in English sounds like Station Square – a large city with an amusement park, hotel, casino, railway station, it is inhabited by many people, the main participants in the game. The developers have relied on solutions to various puzzles, research during the promotion of the plot. In total there are three fields of adventure, which are non-linear stages of the game project, which are closely related. Four emblems are located in each field, there are no enemy robots on them, and yet, unfortunately, rings rarely come across – extra lives.

Game process

The proposed project differs significantly from the series of previous games, since the Sonic Adventure game is a three-dimensional platformer that consists of three parts: “Action Stages” (action stages), “Adventure Fields” (adventure fields) and mini-games. The inclusion of “Action Stages” and “Adventure Fields” was a very important innovation in the concept of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. In addition, the presence of the main characters – Hedgehog Sonic, fox Miles “Tails” Praer, echidna Knuckles, hedgehog Emmy Rose, big cat and robot E-102 Gamma, significantly distinguish this game from the previous ones. Each of them has its own storyline and game features. We recommend downloading Sonic Adventure DX torrent on our web site if you wish to have a great time.

Interesting fact

The question in which direction the Dream Series games will be released has become the so-called apple of discord between Yuji Naka and designer of the blue provocative hedgehog Naoto Ohshima. For Naoto, Sonic Adventure DX was the last game in which he participated in development, the meter left the company. In addition, in the credits for the project, the name of the famous designer was not mentioned.

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