Songs of Syx


System requirements Songs of Syx:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Pentium 2 266 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: 256MB with opengl 3.3 support
Disk space: 300 MB

Songs of Syx

Songs of Syx is an exceptional urban planning strategy set in a fantasy world.

A complete empire from a simple village

The main goal of the user is to build a prosperous kingdom from a small settlement. At the very beginning of the game, users will be able to hire workers and start building houses and infrastructure. But, it will be necessary to take into account that people will need food, for which it will be necessary to grow, in the fields, fruits and vegetables, then sending them to the market for sale. You will take control of resources and try to be as far away from your neighbor’s eyes as possible, since not everyone will like your well-being. We invite you to take part in this exciting strategy and download Songs of Syx torrent on your pc.

The future of the empire is in your hands!

Users will have the opportunity to grow crops, taking into account the changing weather, sell their produced goods, provide care to citizens, fulfilling their wishes and whims. Over time, the property will grow and you have to sort things out with hostile neighbors, since not everyone will be happy about your success. You will need to use your diplomatic skills to conclude lucrative contracts and conduct successful offensive operations. If you want to feel like a real ruler, we recommend you this game.

Key features of the game

Race control.
Building the capital.
A huge number of possibilities.
Research and formation of a thousand-year history.
Sandbox mode.
Multiplayer mode.
Scandinavian and Slavic soundtrack accompaniment.

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