Somewhere in a Clay Nowhere


System requirements Somewhere in a Clay Nowhere

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz (4th Gen)
Video card: Intel HD Graphics 4600 (2160MB RAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0


Somewhere in a Clay Nowhere

The task of the game is to decipher the alien alien language of previously unknown creatures. If you download the torrent Somewhere in a Clay Nowhere on your PC, then you will find yourself in the position of a pilot of a spaceship. That has suffered a terrible crash and landed on a planet that does not appear in any reference books, but is inhabited by friendly creatures. Alas, in addition to friendliness, it would also be desirable to understand what they are babbling and trying to explain in order to leave this planet and return home.

More about the game

This is your task – to decipher the alien language using a special system for decoding it. She will not give a quick recipe and translation, but she will be able to gradually reveal all the secrets, and you, if you go through a fascinating toy, will be able to understand the messages of aliens. With them, you will come into contact constantly and gain knowledge and skills. Many of the characters in Somewhere in a Clay Nowhere are unique, most often they evoke affection, especially when combined with cool audio.

Features of the game

A feature of the characters and the surroundings of the game is that everything is made of clay, and therefore the graphics are unique. So all this clay splendor, the surrounding nature and surroundings must be carefully studied, the only way you can successfully repair the ship and return home safe and sound. And with dialogues that are broadcast on the screen in the form of incredible hooks and sticks, you also need to catch the main thread, and then you, like Sherlock Holmes in the story “The Dancing Men”, will certainly succeed in deciphering.

Get started! It will be cool and interesting to be a decoder, and even in a company with such cute aliens, and the toy itself, due to its “clay” technique of execution, will surely be remembered by you as unusual and out of the ordinary.

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