SoftEther VPN

System requirements SoftEther VPN

Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Interface: English
Size: device dependent


SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN is a client designed to connect to virtual private networks based on various protocols. The program supports the function of remote control, is distributed free of charge with open source code and is part of the SoftEther project of the same name, which also includes server software and a set of additional utilities.

More about VPN

The tool works similar to other popular VPN clients. The program creates a virtual network adapter on the user’s computer that runs over the current Internet connection and connects the PC to remote proxy servers. At the same time, access to the latter can be carried out via the TCP / IP, HTTP and SOCKS protocols. To protect data, encryption algorithms for incoming and outgoing traffic based on SSL technology are used. In addition, login by name and password, certificate or smart card is used to authenticate the user to the server.

SoftEther VPN interface is designed in its own style. The program supports the transparency of the main window, the value of which is set in the settings menu. The main work area contains two lists listing the virtual adapters and all connections created from them. Double-clicking the mouse allows you to go to the detailed settings for these tunnels.


Free distribution of the product.
Intuitive interface.
Support for multiple connection protocols.
The ability to remotely manage the client.
Ability to create multiple virtual adapters and connections based on them.
SSL based encryption support.
Support for client password protection.
Built-in utility for testing VPN connection speed.


The client works correctly, does not crash, and is an excellent tool for bypassing firewalls and blocking websites.

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