Sneaky Ninja


System requirements Sneaky Ninja

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 1.4GHz
HDD: 3 GB hard disk space
DirectX Version: 10
Also: Keyboard, mouse

Sneaky Ninja

Sneaky Ninja is a fun action game with cartoon graphics and stealth elements. Players will play the role of the main ninja, which looks like a rolled up sock.

A bit of background

A long time ago, a small ninja village peacefully existed in the Udon Grove, and was protected by the enemy army of samurai and the magic of spirits. But, one day, the magic of the spirits disappears, and the samurai take over the ninja’s house! We invite you to join e Taro and his friends to regain the power of the spirits before the samurai destroys the ninja.

Become a real ninja master!

Players, as ninja master, will have a variety of abilities that will help them destroy enemies. To fight the samurai, you need to use your items to subtly defeat opponents and distract them. Unique acrobatic feats such as double jump, 100 walls and shadow movement can outsmart opponents. If you want to feel like a ninja master and fight in the battle against evil traitors, we advise you to download Sneaky Ninja torrent for free.

Key features of the game

You can choose among 4 players with unique abilities.
6 different chapters, with environment mechanics.
You can swing on vines, climb ivy, hide in rice fields.
Old school gameplay.
Special pixel graphics and achievements.

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