Smuggle Buddies

System requirements Smuggle Buddies

OS: Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-Core
Video Card: Integrated graphics
Disk space: 256 MB
Gamepad Support: Full



Smuggle Buddies

The game project Smuggle Buddies is an arcade in the genre of action, which is made under the stylization of the 2000s. The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can invite friends, join in groups and arrange real battles, because it is much easier to complete difficult levels together. The graphic design resembles a cartoon with pixel elements, also dynamic gameplay, a huge number of ways to eliminate the enemy, and a positive atmosphere in the game itself attract the attention of the player, making the project popular and exciting.

More about the game

At all levels of Smuggle Buddies you will meet opponents, find valuable objects, open hidden caches and solve fairly easy puzzles. Gather your friends in a group and go through the levels, gradually increasing difficulty. In this project, the characters are divided into several classes, each of which has a special role: some can absorb the damage from enemy attacks, others are able to heal allies, provide positive effects, others have a powerful blow that can cause great harm to the enemy, fourth force the opponent to be helpless etc. if you can optimally use the strengths of your allies, then even the most powerful opponents will be an easy test for you.

Passing levels

Also at each level you can find a chest with valuable items that contribute to strengthening your team. You need to find and open them, then your hero will be much more enduring and powerful. When you kill an enemy, artifacts also drop out of them, albeit not so valuable, but still useful. They won’t bother you so surely. If you do not know what to do on a free evening with friends, then we recommend downloading the Smuggle Buddies torrent on our Internet portal and tackling the destruction of cunning villains.

Game Features:

online availability with friends;
classification of characters between which you can easily switch directly during the game;
Each level has valuable chests with weapons and equipment, which are scattered throughout the location;
confrontation with enemies with the ability to melee and ranged combat;
cartoon graphic design;
a small number of quests and conversations between characters, more emphasis is placed on actions.

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