Slash Arena Online

System requirements Slash Arena Online

CPU: Info
CPU FREQUENCY: 1.7+ GHz or better
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP or higher (Windows 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, 10)
VIDEO CARD: Intel 4000


Slash Arena Online

Slash Arena Online is a new fairy-tale world in which you can test all your skills in battle with different characters. For success, you will have to apply maximum care. Watch your opponent, do not miss attacks, and most importantly, attack the enemy first. Do not miss the opportunity to fight with a lot of other worthy players. I’m eager to join the battle, then download Slash Arena Online via torrent on the website for free and immerse yourself in this mystical atmosphere.

There are two main types of battles:

The slaughter involves 30 players. In order to gain victory, you need to inflict as much damage as possible on opponents.
2. For those who like solitary battles, a one-on-one battle is proposed with the enemy.

Game Features:

– Your battle will not take much time. On average, it takes about five minutes.
– No additional system requirements are required. This reduces the wait for the hero to enter the game.
– There is an opportunity to get nice bonuses.
– Each player in a battle is given two hits.
– There is a rating of strong players in game modes.
– For active participation in the games you can get rewards every month.
– There is an opportunity to perform new tasks daily.
– Each player independently chooses one of the three characters for the battle.
– For weapons and armor of heroes, there are about thirty levels of their development.
– Passing every three levels, the character changes appearance.

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