Skyshine’s BEDLAM

System requirements Skyshine’s BEDLAM

OS: Windows XP SP3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space


Skyshine’s BEDLAM

In the concept of the game Skyshine’s BEDLAM there is something from “Mad Max”, and in the schedule – from the first parts of Fallout. In general, this post-apocalyptic project from Skyshine Games has something to arouse interest. It is very curious that the word “bedlam”, which is contained in the name, means both a psychiatric hospital and a complete mess. This, rather, is about the second, but it was still possible without the first – many of the enemies encountered in this game are real psychos!

More about the game

Speaking in secret, what is really meant is the fictional state of Bedlam. Skyshine’s BEDLAM heroes travel it in a huge armored car. They heard that somewhere nearby is the utopian Aztec city. Of course, you can ask the way from mutants, looters, cyborgs, representatives of artificial intelligence. And they will be very happy about this … “This” – the new victims. In general, getting into the Aztec city is extremely difficult, almost impossible. But the player, namely he acts as the head of the crew, must come up with a plan.

Game features

– Dynamic turn-based battle system – almost chess in the style of blitz. Thanks to the spectacular animation of the battles is very interesting to watch.
– There are four categories, or rather, fractions of enemies: robots, cyborgs, looters, mutants. Everyone acts in a special way, but one does not have to expect softness from anyone.
– Skyshine’s BEDLAM is an RPG and Roguelike, so meetings with enemies happen by chance, and death cannot be undone. Replayability is very high!
“The car is everything.” Does it need to be said that it is important to monitor it very closely and improve it as soon as possible?
“There is a terrible king in the kingdom of Bedlam.” The most courageous players will be able to defeat him and get countless wealth.

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