System requirements Skully

OS: Windows 10 – 64bit
DirectX: Version 12
Gamepad Support: Full




Some events are constantly taking place in the world that sometimes require something more than just an adventure. For example, today we want to offer you to go on an amazing Skully adventure, which will allow you to succeed and save the whole island from imminent death. What is most remarkable, the main character will be a rolling skull made of clay, which has great knowledge and a willingness to provide overwhelming help to its deity. At first it may seem that its deplorable appearance may cause great restrictions, but in fact you will find much more interesting adventures that will please, laugh at the right time, and sometimes make you think.

More about the game

The gameplay in the game is presented in the form of a new adventure where you need to control a rolling skull and perform various tasks. For example, sometimes it will be necessary to explore the environment, penetrate into enclosed spaces and even overcome various obstacles that can be an excellent manifestation of courage and dexterity. But do not think that all these tasks will be simple. After all, you will also be watched by dark forces that will make adjustments to your plans, interfere and even set traps. You just have to download Skully via torrent to PC for free and try to achieve a good result.

Last chance for salvation

The island on which you will travel has long been under the pressure of dark forces. But do not be upset, because you will cope with all the tasks. Besides the fact that you have to control the skull, in certain situations it will be possible to change shape if you find a source of clay. Sometimes it will be possible to become a kind of pleasant creature and try to achieve success using all your physical form. In general, there will be plenty of room for self-realization and achievement of new goals.

Game features

Try to use all your opportunities correctly and achieve success that will definitely please you. We suggest you not to waste time and just download Skully torrent on your PC to start enjoying a favorable adventure. It’s time to enjoy the atmosphere and good mood. We are sure that this adventure will make you have a good time, will achieve success and save the island from imminent death. Remember that only you remained the last hope of this place and only you are able to fix everything.

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