Skin Witch

System requirements Skin Witch:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5 or better
Video Card: GTX 650 2GB / AMD HD68xx 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 5 GB



Skin Witch

Game projects for survival are no longer so primitive and now you get a chance not only to have a great evening, but also to enjoy the new story. So, this time the story of Skin Witch tells us about a miner who was in the grip of the paranormal. And now he just needs to stay alive and do everything possible to escape from this damned place. To rely on luck here is completely pointless. Only by applying tactical calculations and risk appetite, you can fulfill your plan and have a great time. Remember that during the game you will find different puzzles, for the solution of which you will have to not only apply all your attentiveness, but also the willingness to act according to the plan. Use all opportunities in order to win.

More about the game

So, you already realized that in this game you will find a completely amazing adventure, where you will be held hostage. The main character is a miner with whom an extremely unpleasant story happened during the shift. Thus, he ended up in a completely enclosed space and now must find ways to stay alive. After conducting a study of all the caves, it turns out that they are very ancient and you can find a lot of interesting things in them. In order to quickly get answers to all questions, you need to download the Skin Witch torrent from the specified link and get real pleasure from the game.

Unpredictable denouement

In this game, the emphasis is no longer on the gameplay itself, but on a narrative basis. An adventure awaits you, so try to get acquainted with all the gaming circumstances that will definitely not be in your favor. You will have to carry out the activity yourself, monitor the well-being of your character. When you see that something is wrong, you need to urgently act and try to achieve the desired outcome. Also remember that you still need to find resources for survival. If you are attracted to this kind of game projects, then download the Skin Witch torrent on our website.

From now on, everything depends only on you and your actions. For the first time in our life, our miner met paranormal activity and now needs help to solve all these difficulties. Do not waste time in vain, just try to help him and actively oppose the forces of darkness.

Game features

Elements of a survival game will require you to demonstrate dexterity and understanding.
You will encounter a clash with a very dangerous and insidious witch of animals, which will do its best to harm you.
The non-linear narrative will become more and more surprising every time. You will search for all parts of the story and tips on what to do next.

On this page you can download the game Skin Witch torrent free on PC.



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