Siralim Ultimate


System requirements Siralim Ultimate:

OS: Windows 8
Processor: Any
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Any
Sound Card: Any


Siralim Ultimate

Siralim Ultimate is a bizarre mix of action adventure and strategy RPG with a compelling storyline set in randomly generated dungeons. Summon amazing and unusual creatures, participate in 6 vs 6 battles, create magical artifacts, create an interesting and original surroundings for your castle – the developers of this incredible project promise their players at least several thousand hours of fun and unforgettable pastime!

More about the game

To go on a colorful journey, you can download Siralim Ultimate via torrent for free. Several centuries ago, the kingdoms of Nex and Siralim entered into a truce, skillfully dividing disputed territories and agreeing on economic cooperation. But, as you know, the thirst for power and easy profit is capable of corrupting even the most beneficent souls.

Story line

One day, the ruler of Siralim receives a report that a powerful magical relic – the Absolute Sphere of the Wasteland – has fallen into the possession of King Nex, which allows him to control the Gods themselves. Moreover, spies believe that Nex is planning to attack and destroy Siralim with the help of this artifact. Therefore, you need to go to the Nex and by all means pick up the relic.

On his way, your character will meet more than 1200 creatures, each of which has its own unique appearance and original set of characteristics. After defeating these creatures, they turn from enemies into friends who can be summoned to complete various tasks.

Features of the game

You can also get creatures as a reward for successfully completing quests or performing other game actions. Players can also combine creatures to create gifted offspring that inherit the characteristics and appearance of their parents. There are about a million combinations in total, so we can confidently say that if you wish, you can easily assemble your own unique team of characters.

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