Silent Hill Homecoming

System requirements Silent Hill Homecoming:

Windows OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo E6400 / Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Video card: GeForce 7600 / Radeon HD 2600
Hard disk space: 8.5 GB


Silent Hill Homecoming

After Alex Shepard returns to his hometown called Shepards Glen, he discovers that all those nightmares that tormented him for a long time turned out to be a real reality. The streets are empty, reviving nightmares lurked in the dark gateways, and the house in which Alex’s family lives has become a hotbed of horror. In addition to all the troubles, his younger brother and father also disappeared, and Alex’s mother quietly goes crazy with what is happening. Silent Hill: Homecoming is a great sequel to one of the most famous series of computer horror games.

Each part of this franchise enjoys undoubted success among players, not inferior in degree of tension to even the most famous blockbuster horror movies. Again, the main character of the game is Alex Shepard and again he has to go to a gloomy and frightening city called Silent Hill, which has already become synonymous with horror, despair and panic fear. Alex has not been around for a long time, but this does not mean that nothing happened in Silent Hill – on the contrary, now his younger brother is also taking part in this terrible and crazy story. Why he was drawn into this story and what role he plays, Alex will have to answer, and you can help him in this if you decide to download Silent Hill: Homecoming by torrent from our website. You will find a new chapter in the terrible and frightening story of Silent Hill, in which you will touch on its new secrets, as well as learn about the ancient curse of Lake Toluca.

The main feature of the game in the latest graphic technologies is that thanks to them, the drawn picture literally comes to life, dragging you into the gameplay so much that it seems as if you yourself are participating live. Especially worth noting is the play of shadows – it is simply flawless.

Given the fact that in the past Shepard served in special forces, to control weapons and kill enemies is not a problem for him. Let these enemies be some kind of super-creatures from the other world – for Shepard, the enemy still remains the enemy, and old skills do not disappear anywhere and only come in handy for him to survive. It should be noted that the developers have seriously changed the combat system in the game, so that his attacks became much more effective and supplemented with many combo attacks.

But fists and weapons are far from the main thing that Alex will have to wield in the Silent Hill Homecoming game, the torrent of which we offer to download on our website. He will constantly encounter various puzzles and riddles, so he will have to solve them, and you will need to apply logic and intelligence. The musical accompaniment created by the brilliant Akira Yamaoka only exacerbates the frightening atmosphere of the game.

With the release of the first installments of the Silent Hill series, the horror genre has risen to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the studio developing the first parts was unable to continue work on the project and it was transferred to another company. However, the new developer quite worthily approached this cult game and did not hit his face in the mud.

The Silent Hill Homecoming game begins when Alex Shepard returns to his hometown from another business trip, during which he was for a long time at a hot spot far from home. He was absent for several years, but when he crosses the threshold of the house, instead of embracing his family he encounters only grief.

It turns out that not so long ago his younger brother disappeared without a trace. Moreover, his father, who went in search of him, also disappeared. These two disappearances shocked Alex’s mother so much that her mind is literally on the verge of madness.

Alex himself has to go in search of his brother and father, because he feels that waiting for the police can be fatal for his family. During her small investigation, she leads Shepard to a signpost that says “Silent Hill.” Now it’s clear what will follow this find and what the main character will expect ahead.

Even if you have never encountered games in the Silent Hill series, we strongly recommend that you download the Silent Hill Homecoming torrent on our website. The game is really interesting and although it continues the atmosphere of the previous parts, it is connected only with indirect moments of the plot, so it will be interesting in any case.

On this page you can download the game Silent Hill Homecoming via torrent for free on PC.



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