Silent Hill 2

System requirements Silent Hill 2:

Windows OS: XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 2 GHz
Video Card: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 3 GB


Silent Hill 2

The continuation of one of the most sensational horror greets you. We suggest you download Silent Hill 2 from a torrent on our website and go on the worst and most terrible trip of your life – to a small town called Silent Hill with James Sunderland, who suddenly receives a letter from his long-dead wife …

The received letter simply shocked James – he believed that his wife had died long ago and could not write it. But the handwriting completely coincided with her handwriting, so Sunderland decides to go to the town of Silent Hill, which was indicated as the return address. But even at the entrance to the city, James’s car somehow breaks down and he has to get to the city on foot. And as he walks, a strange fog thickens around him, turning all his fears into reality.

What is interesting about the game Silent Hill 2, which we offer to download for free on our website? First of all, the fact that the finale immediately depends on many factors, for example, on the behavior of your character, dialogues with the NPC, and so on. The unique atmosphere of indescribable horror, which the first part could boast of and thanks to which it earned universal recognition, is also fully preserved.

The protagonist of the game is the 29-year-old James Sunderland. A few years ago, his wife died after a serious and prolonged illness, against which the doctors were powerless. On the day of the anniversary of his marriage, James receives a letter from his late wife, in which she writes that she is now in the hospital in the town of Silent Hill. After this news, James is confused and decides to go to this city to personally see his wife and understand how she, who died several years before his eyes, could send him this letter.

But soon he will have to make sure that all this is a hoax. Moreover, in Silent Hill there are no living people at all – only ghosts and terrible creatures of a sick consciousness, walking around the streets of the city. When James confronts this devilish face to face, trying to get to the city on foot, he even begins to doubt his own common sense, because for a normal person, everything that happens around him is simply incomprehensible.

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