System requirements SIGNALIS

OS: Windows 7
Processor: x64 Architecture
Video Card: Dedicated Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 2 GB
Optional: 16: 9 monitor recommended
Gamepad Support: Full




SIGNALIS – a terrible horror with pixel graphics. The game can be attributed to several genres at once: action, shooter, quest, arcade. The camera is dynamic: in some places the character is shown from the side, in others from the back and front.

More about the game

The events of the game resemble the famous film “Alien”. In the story, the main character travels on a spaceship with her partner. For unknown reasons, the ship crashes. The heroine comes to herself and understands that she is on an unknown and uninhabited planet at first glance. The partner is gone. As soon as the girl leaves the walls of the ship, she understands what trouble she got into. She explores another flying object that she found near her ship.

Story line

Realizing that the matter is unclean, the heroine is faced with the first enemies – creepy alien monsters that are hostile to all unfamiliar creatures. If you want to help the heroine survive, download SIGNALIS on a PC via torrent for free right now. The main tasks of the heroine are to find a partner, repair the ship, study the traces of civilization that she managed to find, survive and leave the mysterious planet. You have to solve puzzles, pick up codes for classified information archives, search for objects, create devices and, of course, destroy the bloodthirsty monsters that meet on your way.

The gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness and fear deserves special attention. You never know where the monster will jump from: it can wait for you at every turn, and it can be seen from afar, it is not clear why. One way or another, you will rarely feel safe.

Game Features:

Some of the chips and plot twists borrowed from the movie “Alien”;
oppressive atmosphere and screamers;
challenging puzzles;
alien monsters with unusual abilities;
pixel graphics;
confusing plot.

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