Shuriken and Aliens

System requirements Shuriken and Aliens:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: intel core i5 3570 or equivalent
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or equivalent
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 6 GB


Shuriken and Aliens

The world has again become the basis for capture by aliens. True, if earlier this happened in the modern world, now the era was a little different. In samurai times, Japanese lands were suddenly captured by strange creatures from heaven. They crushed power under themselves, organized a dictatorship and launched an attack on neighboring countries. Many people became slaves, others were simply destroyed. And to change the situation, we suggest you download Shuriken and Aliens via torrent and go on a journey as a samurai. He is the only great warrior who has survived. And now it is he who intends to destroy the enemies and save the world.

More about the game

The gameplay of Shuriken and Aliens is presented in a third-person format, so you have to be extremely careful and deftly deal with your rivals. For example, you can use the environment and with the help of acrobatic tricks you will succeed. Closely monitor the surroundings and try to correctly assess the available opportunities and fighting skills. At first, the enemies will seem simple and not so serious, but gradually your strength of the samurai will fail and you will have to try to avoid defeat by personal efforts. Do not forget to pump the main character in a timely manner, otherwise you will simply lose.

Game features

The main weapons will be available sword and melee skills. Do not underestimate the ability to use acrobatic stunts and just enjoy the accessible environment. We are sure that gradually you will achieve a favorable result and you will be able to save the world, but for now you just need to practice your skills, try to assess your personal potential and try to achieve your goals. By the way, you will not travel the world alone, sometimes you will come across various NPCs who will definitely want to help you. Good luck!

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