Shrek the game

System requirements Shrek

Windows XP / 7/8/10
Pentium III 800MHz or Athlon (TM) 800MHz or higher processor
512 MB of RAM
3 GB of uncompressed hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c


Shrek Shrek the game

Games very often become more popular if they are based on a storyline from a movie or cartoon. Indeed, when a player is already familiar with the plot and character, he will want to stop his choice on this. Shrek: The Game, created from the animated film of the same name, is presented to your attention. The main character is a hefty green ogre living in a swamp near the city-state of Dulok. He lives there himself and does not let anyone in, and is close to his territory. However, behind the mask of an evil and terrible ogre, a very kind character hides. If you like these arcade games, we recommend that you visit our game portal to download the Shrek: The Game torrent absolutely free. This game will completely absorb you and you will undoubtedly spend your free time with pleasure.

More about the game

According to the storyline, which is known to those players who watched the film. All events develop in the ninth kingdom. As already mentioned above, the huge giant Shrek lives in the swamp, and lives on it. He scares everyone away with his appearance, but in fact he has a very kind soul. But at one point, his calm and measured life begins to crumble: Lord Farcaud, who is the ruler of Duloc, decided to expel all the fabulous characters from the state. Left without a home, they all went into the forest and Shrek did not like this neighborhood. Therefore, he decides to deal with all this and sets off on his way to the capital.

Story line

It is worth saying that in the game Shrek: The Game there are a lot of all kinds of tests. Your character will first have to take part in the tournament and win it. Only after this, the winner will be honored to complete the task from Lord Farcaud. Later it turns out that the task will be to free the heiress to the throne of this kingdom, Princess Fiona, from captivity. She is in the castle, carefully guarded by a fierce dragon.


Only after saving the princess, our hero will be able to return to his usual way of life. The path will not be short, you will have to move around locations, fight enemies and defeat them. Collect coins that will bring you wealth and allow you to accumulate as many prize points. A bow that comes across your path from time to time will help restore health lost in battles. So, forward on the road, towards adventures and dangers. The atmosphere in the game is simply incredible, so good luck in all your endeavors!

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