Shoppy Mart


System requirements Shoppy Mart

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
Video card: 128MB graphics
Disk space: 150 MB


Shoppy Mart

Introducing your exciting new Shoppy Mart game! It’s just a simulator, and a casual one, which offers to turn into an American supermarket cashier. A young company is engaged in the project, which presented a very non-standard action game.

More about the game

The game demonstrates that working as a cashier is not nearly as easy as many people think. It’s easy to make sure if you download the Shoppy Mart torrent. It is necessary not only to read barcodes, but also to quickly and accurately fold purchases, toss about phrases with customers that create a pleasant impression. And this is just the beginning! To make good money, you need to be better than other cashiers. You will also need a basic knowledge of diplomacy to make profitable agreements with your superiors.

Game features

Here is such a popularizer of the cashier profession. The game is made in, frankly, indie graphics, but this does not make it less exciting. The picture perfectly conveys the emotions of buyers. Among them there are good-natured people, real evil-doers, and completely neutral personalities. A successful cashier does not care about the character of customers, the main thing is that there are many of them. Excellent performance of tasks will present new otherworldly personalities, in the sense of those who are on the other side of the counter.

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