Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet


System requirements Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 32 / 64bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Radeon HD 7500G / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Disk space: 1 GB
Extras: Supported all resolutions (21: 9, UltraWide etc.)
Gamepad support: Full


Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet

Sometimes I want to become the owner of a supermarket or their entire system, and if you download Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet via torrent, then you will have such a unique opportunity. To begin with, you need to build a small shop, but then it will be possible to smoothly develop it into a huge center with parking lots for customers, a large office, management, supplies, and a car fleet. In the future, the game will allow you to create a whole system of stores and you can manage it not only yourself, but also hire an effective manager.

More about the game

And there are also two versions of the game Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet, designed for different temperaments of gamers. If you want a calm development of events, then you can simply build a store, bus stops, then gradually expand commercial activities, advertise, create a global network around the world. If you like dynamics and drive, then you can choose the version with a store simulator, where there is a gang called “Banditko”, which constantly puts a spoke in your wheels and does not allow you to live peacefully under any circumstances. The drive will definitely increase.

Features of the game

But besides “Banditko”, there are other opposing factors, for example, careless employees who need to be mercilessly dismissed. Or taxes that you must remember to pay, like rent. The simulator is quite realistic and close to reality. By the way, among the activities of the store there is a trade in vodka (for some reason, Polish) and a sex shop, so the developers are not intended to use the simulator for children. And here you can also set records and compete with other successful players, if this appeals to you. So the simulator will surely allow you to relax and have a lot of pleasant minutes.

On this page you can download the game Shop Tycoon: Prepare your wallet torrent free on a PC.



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