SHOFER Race Driver

System requirements SHOFER Race Driver:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
CPU: 2.0 GHz
Video Card: 1 GB
Hard disk space: 6, 5 GB


SHOFER Race Driver

The computer game SHOFER Race Driver belongs to the genre of racing, and is presented to the attention of players by the game company Zhoori Maang Studio. You have to drive one of the racing cars, dissecting along different tracks. Your task is to arrive earlier than the opponents, and thus win the race. Championship at the finish will allow players to discover new modes of transport, new tracks. Each race provides for you the choice of a racing car, namely with an automatic or manual transmission. SHOFER Race Driver download torrent offers our game resource. It must be remembered that all cars are very susceptible to mechanical damage, so it is worth remembering about speeding, and drive carefully, with caution. There are several modes in the game, each of which has some features, provides for players different tasks and goals. To become a winner and take the top of the racing Olympus, you need to improve your racing abilities, win in races.

More about the game

Holding all the championships, winning all races will allow you to complete the career mode. By participating in all the championships, you get points, and with their help the victory in the game will be approaching. At the beginning of the game, you act as a beginner, and at the end you can become a real professional. You will see different simple championships, different tests, and you will ride in closed cars. Overcoming your opponents, you can take yourself another car. To download SHOFER Race Driver torrent, we suggest you use the resources of our gaming site. You have to go through some types of tests. In each type you will have different cars. In addition, the game provides for various events, but it will be possible to become a participant only at a certain time. One of the events has the name “circle”, and involves your participation in races simultaneously with seven participants. Other events also involve an increased number of participants in races, different complexity of the tracks, as well as driving different types of cars. As always, your main task is to overtake all rivals. Come to the finish line first, thereby taking victory into your own hands. Download SHOFER Race Driver via torrent will be able to all fans of racing simulations. The game also has different levels of difficulty, and now both beginners and experienced gamers will be able to enjoy the exciting gameplay.

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