Shell Corp

System requirements Shell Corp

OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10. Workstation, laptop and tablet form factors, running on device without emulation or compatibility layer.
Processor: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.
Video card: DX10, DX11, DX12 Capable.
Disk space: 500 MB



Shell Corp

Competitive games are often unique and fun, which is why they appear more and more often in our range of games. This time you will have the opportunity to travel to the unusual universe of Shell Corp, which offers to participate in the competition for the title of the strongest and most unique. True, you have to play not for athletes or brave heroes, but for ordinary virtual eggs. They got used to the role so much that they began to try to be like ordinary people, and what came of it, you will already find out personally by going to conquer all available entertainment. Just be prepared for serious competition, which will definitely not spare anyone.

More about the game

The first thing I would like to note in this game is a large selection of entertainment. You will compete with other eggs and try to win each of the competitions. And there will be plenty of them, for example, there is an obstacle course with various traps, where you need to get to the finish line among the first. There is a competitive challenge where you have to play football and try to score as many goals as possible. There is even an ordinary fight, where the main goal is to knock out opponents from the playing field. At the same time, you may come across a variety of playing fields, each of which will certainly delight you with its unusual atmosphere. You just need to download Shell Corp via torrent on your PC for free and you can start acting.

Customization elements

And a pleasant bonus in the game will be customization elements that will allow you to create unique characters. You will be able to choose the appearance of the egg – clothing that will reflect character and intentions. True, clothes may not be enough, you also need a face that can be drawn by hand using the internal tools. You can draw anything you want, any color and shape. Such a free flight of creative thought will surely delight you and allow you to enjoy an unpredictable and beautiful game. And to personally plunge into these adventures, you just need to download the Shell Corp torrent on your PC and after that you can go into battle.

The competitive play will test your ability to adapt to the environment and fight for victory. Each challenge will be designed for eight characters and sometimes even have to participate in team challenges. But in any case, you need to remain the only leader in order to get your hands on victory.

Game features

The unusual visual style of the game will delight you with its unique details.
The internal toolbox will provide you with the ability to draw any face.
The high level of competition will make you fight to your last breath.
Various levels and challenges will definitely not let you get bored.

On this page you can download the game Shell Corp torrent free on a PC.



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